IONIX® 4'' HV Circular Sputtering Source

The IONIX® IX4 has a target diameter of 101.6 mm (4'') and can be used with non-magnetic targets varying from 4 - 10 mm. 

The IX4 features indirect cooling of the target, a sliding anode allows easy adjustment of the dark space gap with varying target thickness. Optionally a magnet array for magnetic target materials ( for 6 mm Ni, 3 mm Fe) is available or can be retrofitted later.

Via the DN25KF interface the sputtering source can be either mounted on a straight Ø1'' or Ø3/4'' tube or on a tilt. Also ISO or CF flange mounted sources are available.


  • internal mounting with DN25KF interface
  • target diameter 4" (101.6 mm)
  • targets 4 - 10 mm thick, non-magnetic
  • optionally: magnetic targets Ni 6 mm, Fe 3 mm thick
  • indirectly cooled targets
  • water tubes Ø6xØ4 mm
  • magnet array completely isolated from cooling water
  • for DC, AC, RF and pulsed operation
  • water tubes Ø6xØ4 mm

Technical data

Target   Dimensions  
form circular/planar diameter 132 mm
diameter 4" (101.6 mm) ± 0.25mm height 60 mm
thickness 4 - 10 mm Mounting tube Ø1" x 300 mm
cooling indirect ***
  DN 25 KF
Working pressure argon Construction materials stainless steel
OFHC - type copper
nonmagnetic targets 3x10-3- 10-1 mbar Cooling water  
best performance 5x10-3-5x10-2mbar flow 1 l / (min x kW)
Typical rates   max. inlet temperature ≤ 30°C
Mo, 200 mm distance 7 Å/s @ 1000W max. pressure ≤ 2 bar open drain
Cu, 200 mm distance 20 Å/s @ 1000W Ø tubing Ø6xØ4 mm PTFE
Electrical specifications   Magnet array permanent NdFeB
max. power, watts DC 3000 W DC* max. temperature 60°C
max. power, watts RF 1500 W RF* Accessories and options  
max. current DC 10 A - quick coupling f/t - ±45° flexible tilt
max. voltage DC 1000 V - ferromagnetic materials - 40° insitu tilt
connector DC type N - gas inlet option - chimney option
connector RF type 7/16 ** - pneumatic shutter - flange mounting
* This value refers to the magnetron itself. The maximum power is determined by the target material and
its bonding or clamping technique.
** RF-Version requires special connector and/or installation. More details on request.
*** Direct cooling on request.

We reserve the right for technical changes in design and specifications without notice or obligations.

Mounting options

  • with or without Chimney
  • +/- 45° tilt or 40° insitu-tilt
  • straight tube, OD 1'' or OD 3/4''
  • Pneumatic, electric or manual shutter
  • Gas distribution
  • Quick coupling feedtrough
  • Z-Manipulator
  • ISO or CF flange mounting option


Dimensions for IX4 flange assembly consisting of sputtering source with chimney, tilt, pneumatic shutter and gas distribution on DN160ISO-K


Dimensions for IX4 magnetron assembly consisting of sputtering source with chimney, quick coupling feedtrough available either for Ø32 mm or Ø25.4 mm bore (OD 1'' or OD 3/4'' tube)