IONIX® UHV Circular Sputtering Sources

IONIX® ultrahigh vacuum sputtering sources are available in a wide range of target sizes from 1'' up to 12''. With our profund knowledge of sputtering technology and our experience we are capable for special designs to serve almost any need and vacuum environment.

IONIX® ultrahigh vacuum sputtering sources only contain metallic seals and can be baked with their magnet array up to 200°C. This feature enables sputter deposition in an ultra pure environment eliminating unintenional oxidation and nitridation of materials. 

IONIX® ultrahigh vacuum sputtering sources offer a wide range of magnetic and mechanical options, e.g. flange/internal mounted, tilt able/adjustable, magnetrons with electropneumatic shutters, balanced/unbalanced magnet arrays, magnet arrays for high target utilization, for enhanced film thickness uniformity or low operating pressure.


  • Target-Ø 25.4 – 300 mm (1” – 12”)
  • Standardized interfaces (CF)
  • For use with DC-, RF- or HiPIMS processes
  • For fundamental research
  • Particular features:
    • metallic seals vacuum-to-atmosphere
    • no water-to-vacuum seals
    • magnets separated from cooling water
    • with magnets bakeable up to 200°C

Mechanical and mounting options

  • with or without chimney
  • +/- 45° tilt or 40° insitu-tilt
  • Pneumatic, electric or manual shutter
  • Gas distribution
  • Quick coupling feedtrough for wall-mounting
  • Z-Manipulator
  • Flange mounting option
  • RF-Power option

Magnetic options

  • balanced/unbalanced
  • high target utilization
  • high film thickness uniformity
  • low pressure operation