IONIX® Technology and Features

During the last 20 years magnetron sputtering has become a widespread vacuum coating technology, which is a cost-effective and technologically advanced alternative for the deposition of high quality thin films. Todays increasing requests on layer performance, film properties and surface engineering capabilities request magnetron sputtering cathodes that show best performance on the subjects of

  • power density and deposition rate
  • target utilization
  • film thickness distribution
  • low pressure operation
  • easy to maintain and handle

Years of experience in industrial and R&D sputtering proccesses culminated in our IONIX® technology with an in-built concept to cope with these partially contradicting performance issues:

Flexible Architecture

IONIX® sputtering sources can be supplied as either directly cooled or indirectly cooled models. In the first case they are suuplied with backing plates wich can be used either to clamp or bond the target onto it. The full range of target thickness can be applied with this method. Anode shields are adjustable for different target thicknesses and the shields are designed for fast dismounting and cleaning with each target replacement.

  • Models with directly cooled backing plates (membrane design) for highest power densities
  • Models with indirectly cooled targets up to 20 W/cm²

Flexible Interfaces

IONIX® sputtering sources can be internally mounted with KF- or ISO interfaces or on external flanges with dimensions as requested by system design and vacuum environment.

  • Internal/flange mounting
  • Standardized interfaces (KF/ISO/CF)

Sophisticated Design

The most important issue on any high power device is the reliable cooling concept. 80 - 90% of the ion energy incident to the target is converted to heat and needs to be dissipated by the water cooling circuit. IONIX® magnetrons have directed water flow in separate channels without parallel paths. This offers the highest degree of safety irrespective of flow conditions and in the case of unintentional low water supply. The magnets are completely separated from cooling water to avoid any possible degrading by corrision.

  • Magnet arrays completely separated from cooling water
  • Multi-pole magnet arrays with enhanced target utilization
  • Magnetrons for low pressure operation <=5 x 10-4 mbar
  • Protected anodes

Delivered more than 1000 sputtering sources to our satisfied customers: IONIX®- reliability by design

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