IONIX® Mechanical Options

Pseudo-UHV versions

One of the biggest challenges for the coating of EUV optics is defined deposition of highly reflective multilayer coatings (e.g. Mo/Si, Mo/Be, Sc/Si). For this area of application THIN FILM CONSULTING has designed special sputtering sources with 3.5'' width and lengths of 12''/15''/24''. A key specification for this kind of magnetrons is the very low operating pressure of < 1 x 10-3 mbar, as well as the very good process stability and reproducability.

Bakeable up to 150°C

Water cooled anodes

During sputtering the anode will heat up as it is very close to the plasma and the electrical return for the plasma electrons. In some sputtering systems with radiant heaters or high temperature processes it is desirable to reduce this heating and directly cool the anode. The water cooling option of the anode is realised as a water cooling channel around the anode circumference, closed and sealed via welding- see pictures and scheme below.

Flange heatable py pressurized water

In some applications it is desirable to actively heat the sputtering source itself. THIN FILM CONSULTING developed a rectangular sputtering source with the rear flange heatable to 120°C by pressurized water according to customers specifications - see pictures and scheme below.

Magnetrons for HiPIMS

Our IONIX® sputtering sources are adaptable to a wide range of sputter coating processes and can be used in DC-, RF- and pulsed operation. In principle all of our cathodes (highvacuum as well as ultrahigh vacuum and rectangular versions) can be used with the HiPIMS process. There is business confidence from respected research institutes and reputable system integrators as well. Our customers use circular magnetrons of 75 mm and 100 mm target diameter as well as rectangular magnetrons with HiPIMS.


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